Supporting Mindfulness

Supporting the mindfulness group and Dana

Our mindfulness group has been guided by an ancient Buddhist principle known as Dana or Generosity.  Dana is a profound and foundational practice for cultivating generosity – “offering freely that which can be given”. It is an economy of gifts – in which everyone gives freely from their hearts. The givers and the receivers inter-are.

What this means in practice is that attending our group has no required fee, which means those with limited financial resources can still attend.

The other side of dana is that people who come to activities, or simply appreciate what is done, make donations so that the teaching can continue. Donations support our running costs, such as this website.

“Dana is a gift given from the heart.
It brings joy and benefit to both the giver and the receiver.”

Therefore we offer the mindfulness group meetings on the basis  of a donation according to your means.

We have a Dana box for donations at our meetings.

In today’s cashless society, many of us find it easier to remember, and more convenient  to donate by automatic payment  to our account

01-0753-0040197-00. Please reference your payment with your name.

How much is enough

Like a gift to a loved one, a gift of Dana comes from our heart and is appropriate to the circumstances. Every gift is appreciated and every practitioner treasured. If you need further guidance, please consider giving $5 or more for our meetings.