Supporting Mindfulness

Supporting the mindfulness group and Dana

In Buddhism, Dana is a profound and foundational practice for cultivating generosity – “offering freely that which can be given”.

Dana can take many forms:  people sharing their time, energy, skills, knowledge, gifts and resources enable the group to flourish.

Financial Dana is another aspect so we have a Dana box for donations at our meetings.

“If you give and continue to give, you become richer and richer all the time, richer in terms of happiness and well-being. This may seem strange but it is always true.”

New members

New members are able to attend on the basis of a weekly contribution/koha via the Dana box according to their means.  If it is more convenient you can also pay by internet banking. Our bank account details are in the next column about regular members.  Please reference your internet payment with your name and the date or dates of the meetings you are paying for.

Supporting Mindfulness

Regular members

If after attending for a while you feel that this group and way of practice is a good fit, we ask you to commit to the monthly membership. The monthly membership includes allows you to attend the two meetings a month, plus a mindfulness day on every two months.

Our monthly membership fee covers the costs associated with hosting weekly meetings, including venue hire. As we all have different financial circumstances, membership is on a sliding scale of between $5 and $25/month. We ask those who are able to comfortably afford the higher end of this scale to offer this, knowing their generosity enables others in the group to participate.

The membership fee is paid on the first day of the month by automatic payment into our bank account, which is called “sangha” and whose number is 01-0753-0040197-00. Please reference your payment with your name.

“One of the ways to cultivate happiness is to practice gratitude and generosity. Giving freely from the heart is as much a gift to yourself, as it is to the one receiving your offering. No one needs to witness or acknowledge your generosity. You know and your heart smiles.”